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E2 Systems Limited
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The E2 Systems Advantage

With E2 Systems, what you see is what you get. When you have met Nigel and David, you have met us both; you see the same people after you commit to using us as you see beforehand. We eschew Cerfication by Microsoft and ORACLE, and we have no teams of juniors that we need to keep revenue earning, so you can be confident that we are not Fifth Columnists for Bill Gates, Larry Ellison or Robot Consultants. Instead, we are utterly dedicated to advancing your interests and the job in hand.

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Aerospace and Defense
Commercial Manufacturers, Defense Contractors

National Carriers, International Carriers, Airports...

Original Equipment Makers (OEMs), Automotive Suppliers.

Manufacturers, Suppliers, Customers

Wireline, Wireless, Cable, Satellite...

Consumer Goods and Services
Consumer Packaged Goods, Cosmetics, Apparel

Electronics and High Tech
Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Software

Upstream, Downstream

Financial Services

Forest Products
Lumber, Pulp, Papermaking...

Freight and Logistics
Parcel Delivery, Air Cargo, Trucking and Shipping Fleets

Defense, Education, Health and Human Services, Immigration, Justice and Public Safety, Postal, Revenue

Health and Life Sciences
Providers and Government Health

Industrial Equipment
Machinery, Automation, Power Generation, Construction...

Media and Entertainment
Entertainment, Publishing, Printing, Advertising...

Metals and Mining
Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Precious Metals...

Public Transportation
Integrated eTicketing, Fleet Management, Rail, Tolling Solutions

Mass Merchants, Grocery Stores, Professional Service Firms...

Hotels Chains, Car Rental Companies, Casinos...

Electric, Gas, Water...

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Change Management
Improve your organization's ability to adapt to continuous change and new challenges.

Corporate Strategy
Identify strategic opportunities, and envision, design and execute strategies that unlock new sources of value.

Customer Relationship Management
Improve specific capabilities or transform your marketing, sales and service capabilities end-to-end.

Enterprise Performance Management
Focus on that insight to identify the best value creation opportunities within and outside your organization.

Finance Management
Identify critical issues in financial management, set a strategic direction, and deliver complex change successfully.

Human Resources Management
E2 Systems Limited is helping companies substantially increase productivity, market share and shareholder value by providing innovative approaches to employee development and human resource management.

Service Management
Reinforce total customer satisfaction and build ongoing customer loyalty to improve the performance of your aftermarket business.

Shareholder Value
Establish a foundation for the kind of success that the stock market validates over a prolonged period.

Supply Chain Management
Build effective supply chains to raise the bar on customer service, align enterprises and open new channels.

Workforce Performance
Deliver more value by focusing on improvements in the performance of your organization's workforce.


Enterprise Integration
Use new technologies and standards to connect and streamline business processes.

Enterprise Solutions
SAP Solutions

Information Management
Portals & Content Management

Infrastructure Solutions
Security Solutions

IT Strategy and Transformation
Optimize investments, transform capabilities and achieve greater business value from IT.

Microsoft Solutions
Deploy innovative business solutions on the Microsoft .NET framework and server platforms.

Mobile Technology Solutions
Capture the benefits of anytime, anywhere information exchange though mobile technology.

Radio Frequency Identification
Use tagging, tracking, and sensing technologies to make ordinary objects intelligent and interactive.

SAP Solutions
Leverage your SAP investments and create tangible value.

Systems Integration
Enable your employees to access and manage data across information systems.

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E2 Systems Limited extends our technology and business capabilities through a powerful network of alliances that help deliver the best specialized skills and tailored solutions for each individual client's needs.

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