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Component Descriptive Narratives

NameBrief DescriptionLong Description
E2_APP_SERVERApp Server IP AddressApp Server IP Address (Network-only)
E2_BASE_PORTBase Port for Network-only re-assignmentBase TCP Port for Network-only port re-assignment
E2_BOTHScripts generated by CAPTURE: include responsesScripts generated by CAPTURE: include responses (1=Yes, 0=No)
E2_CAP_IFACECapture Network InterfaceNetwork Interface Used for Script Capture
E2_CLIENT_LOCATIONClient SiteClient Location (Memo only)
E2_COD_PORTSCoda Thick Client Middleware PortsCoda Thick Client Middleware Ports
E2_DCOM_PORTSMicrosoft DCOM PortsMicrosoft DCOM TCP Ports
E2_DOTNET_PORTSMicrosoft .NET Remoting PortsMicrosoft .NET Remoting TCP Ports
E2_FORMS_PORTSAncient ORACLE Forms PortsAncient ORACLE Forms Ports (Network only)
E2_HEURISTICSDeduce flow of controlDeduce flow of control without full packet decode (Network-only)
E2_HOME_HOSTControlling IP AddressPATH Master Host IP Address (where you are running this)
E2_HOME_PORTPATH TCP PortPATH TCP Port (for minitest)
E2_OBD_PORTSObjective V.6 PortsObjective Document Management V.6 TCP Ports
E2_ORA_TUNNEL_PORTSORACLE Forms Services TCP PortsORACLE Forms Services TCP Ports (ORACLE AS, current)
E2_ORA_WEB_PORTSORACLE Forms 6 TCP PortsORACLE Forms 6 TCP Ports (Forms 6 only, old)
E2_SCENE_LENDefault scenario lengthDefault scenario length (worldrun only)
E2_BIND_HOSTBind IP Address for minitest and driversBind minitest and the drivers to this IP Address to help dumb Load Balancers
E2_SECURE_HOSTIP Address for minitest commandLimit minitest command origin to this IP Address
E2_SEPCharacters that terminate valuesCharacters that terminate values when the driver searches automagically
E2_SLA_SIG_PCTThe SLA significant percentileThe SLA significant percentile (95, 97.5 or whatever)
E2_SYB_PORTSSybase Thick Client SQL PortsSybase Thick Client SQL TCP Ports
E2_T3_PORTSTCP Ports that definitely carry T3TCP Ports that definitely carry T3 (Weblogic Monitoring Only)
E2_T3_WEB_PORTSTCP Ports that may carry T3TCP Ports that may carry T3 (Weblogic only)
E2_TDS_PORTSMicrosoft (Thick Client) SQL PortsMicrosoft (Thick Client) SQLServer TCP Ports
E2_TEST_IDTest IDTest ID (worldrun only)
E2_TEST_LENTest LengthTest Length (worldrun only)
E2_TNS_PORTSORACLE (Thick Client) SQL PortsORACLE (Thick Client) SQL TCP Ports
E2_TYPE1_DESCType 1 SLA DescriptionType 1 SLA Response Time Description
E2_TYPE1_THRESHType 1 SLA ThresholdType 1 SLA Response Time Threshold
E2_TYPE2_DESCType 2 SLA DescriptionType 2 SLA Response Time Description
E2_TYPE2_THRESHType 2 SLA ThresholdType 2 SLA Response Time Threshold
E2_TYPE3_DESCType 3 SLA DescriptionType 3 SLA Response Time Description
E2_TYPE3_THRESHType 3 SLA ThresholdType 3 SLA Response Time Threshold
E2_TYPE4_DESCType 4 SLA DescriptionType 4 SLA Response Time Description
E2_TYPE4_THRESHType 4 SLA ThresholdType 4 SLA Response Time Threshold
E2SINGLE_PORTTCP Port used for script single-steppingTCP Port used for script single-stepping
E2MENU_PORTTCP Port used for PATH Web InterfaceTCP Port used for PATH Web Interface
E2SYNC_HOSTUDP ECHO Packet Target HostUDP ECHO Packet Target Host (must be accessed via capture interface)
E2TRAFMUL_EXTRAExtra Capture ArgumentsExtra Capture Arguments (if raw capture file is non-standard e.g. SNAP Headers)
E2TRAF_SCALEWindows Clock Adjustment FactorWindows Clock Adjustment Factor (obsolete; doesn't work with modern CPU's)
E2WEBDUMP'snoop' file program'snoop' file program underlying script generation
E2_VERBOSEDecode CAPTURE: responsesDecode CAPTURE: responses (ORACLE WebForms only) (1=Yes, 0=No)
PATH_CON_ARGSDriver SQL Sign-onDriver SQL Sign-on (Thick Client Only)
PATH_DEGENERATENetwork OnlyNetwork Only Driver (1=Yes, 0=No)
PATH_DRIVERDriver programName of PATH driver program
PATH_EXTRA_ARGS0Thread 0 Driver ArgumentsThread 0 Driver Arguments (single thread driver only)
PATH_EXTRA_ARGSExtra Driver ArgumentsExtra Driver Arguments (for debug etc.)
PATH_REMOTEAuto-Return ResultsAuto-Return Results (1=Yes, 0=No)
PATH_SINGLE_THREADDriver Single-threadedDriver Single-threaded (1=Yes, 0=No)
PATH_STAGGERScript start staggerInterval between starting new scripts
path_web/pathenv.shConfigurationConfiguration Variables
web_path_web/path_dict.txtDictionaryComponent Descriptive Narratives