E2 Systems

Business Opportunities

As a small consultancy for most of the last twenty three years we have worked with some of the largest public and private sector organisations, we have been retained by hardware suppliers and application developers and we have been an integral part of many multi-million pound projects.

Any testing exercise is a great learning experience. We consistently get exposed to the latest technologies and development concepts. We also get to learn about many diverse applications and business models in great detail.

Our accumulation of specific and general knowledge relating to our clients' IT solutions often positions us well to meet future needs. Indeed we have several clients who have called upon us for more than 10 years to address needs as diverse as performance health checks, assistance with selection and acquisition processes, maintenance of application services that have outlived their origins, data migration and specialist development.

As three people with the occasional help of third parties we cannot fully exploit all the opportunities presented to us.

We would thus welcome the chance to discuss other parties having access to our expertise, methods and software tools.

Our standard distribution kit allows you to create test scripts and set up and manage a heterogeneous network of geographically dispersed driver machines running Windows and Linux, from either Windows or Linux. We also have an Android APK. If you represent a successful IT company which could benefit from the types of opportunities that our formula offers, please get in touch.